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Lalon: Heart of Madness

Lalon: Heart of Madness Filmed Theatre Review by Nasreen Akhter Lalon is considered as one of the greatest philosophers and spiritual poet-musicians in the Indian subcontinent, especially in what is now Bangladesh and West Bengal. Reputed to be born in 1774 and living to the grand age of 116, he did not have any institutional or formal education. Yet he left behind a vernacular legacy that is unbeat able by even the most prolific of minds. This Baul fakir or wandering spiritualist created between 2,000 to 8,000 mystical, social and political songs that passed over the generations through his followers – a fact that is little known outside of Bengali/ Bangladeshi circles. Although Lalon has been mostly renowned for his philosophy on dehotottow – that is, ‘ truth in the body’, the central theme of Baulism that the universe resides in the receptacle of the body - he also espoused the idea of releasing oneself from the bonds of self. He truly believed that we are all equal, not just w

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