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Agathe  Review of R&D theatre at Pinter Studio, London  Suraya Bains            With soaring music followed by the sudden jump by the Announcer onto the platform in  the middle of the stage, we are thrown into the peak of propaganda on RTML radio. The  Hutu broadcaster encourages social division and the demonisation of Tutsi minorities in  1994 Rwanda. It was disconcerting to hear the Tutsi people being cast off as ‘cockroaches’ in such a zealous evangelical voice. This was the backdrop for Agathe  Uwilingiyimana in the mid-1990s, a chemistry professor, advocate for women’s  education, and peace activist who wanted to have power shared between the Hutu and  Tutsi people. Her progressive views were not widely respected, however, and instead  we learn that she is on a ‘hit list’. In any genocidal situation, the sensible are swept  away, some unfortunate enough to be killed in the tirade.   Although we don’t yet know Agathe’s fate in the drama, there is a foreboding  atmosphere that c

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